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Dedicated To "Jenna"
In memory of Meeka
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Dedicated To "Jenna"

30-3-03  ** 31-5-04  "R.I.P"


Jenna, A Beautiful Dog.

Big brown eyes always sparkling and that big wet nose nudging up under my arm.
Loved to run with Sailor. With her tail wagging she would greet me when I came home from work. Sail, then Jess and then Jenna would all stick their heads in my car door for a pat. Sneaking into the house when the door is left open, I could see she had a cheeky look on her face. She was the only one who knew how to sit and shake paws. A sooky dog she was, but loved to play fight with me, biting my sleave as I walked, then she would grab it and not let go, so I would squish her wet nose. She was so cute.
She slept on my bed one night, after her spey operation. Dogs dont usually sleep in my bed!! I would kick her out and I would go to the loo, come back and shed got back in my bed. Jenna was the barking girl, I could always tell which dog was barking, by the pitch. Hers was a high pitch bark. She was always nipping the pigs back legs, ALWAYS! I would tell her off, but she kept coming bak to nip at them. She loved going to the vineyard and going swimming. And loved playing chasey with Sail, round and round the house, she was so fast. She was bossy toward Keetz (neighbours dog) when I was near her, Keetz wasnt allowed a pat from me or Jenna would bite him. Jenna and Sailor used to run around together with a big stick, one on each end. She looked so proud.
I will miss my favorite girl.
But you couldnt keep living with that pain Jen.

Love you Jeni My princess. R.I.P with the roses 
A piece of my heart has fallen and smashed into a million pieces..

Jenna kept having seisures, there was nothing the vets could do.


*Jenna was 1 year old when she died.
She was brought in from another line of dogs (not Valleyview).
She had never been bred before, for she was too young and carried the epilepsy gene.

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