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Dedicated To "Jenna"
In memory of Meeka
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In memory of Meeka

R.I.P  25/7/07

In Loving Memory of "Meeka" 
  (Gothical Magic Mirra)
A loving, loyal beautiful natured dog. Always licking, she would lick your pants, hand, the window!  Her soft hair was glossy and long, her eyes bright as the stars. Her best friend "Bonnie" still looks for her, and her mate "Sailor" sometimes sleeps in her bed. They know she's gone, and has left a hole in our hearts.
My brother didnt mean to hit her in his car, she shouldnt have been out on the road at midnight, I know she died instantly. She looked like she wasnt hurt at all, I held her in dis-belief, but when morning came I saw her wrapped in a blanket, I knew she was gone. I sat with her for a while patting her leg and said 'good bye',
Which made it worse she left behind 6 beautiful puppies at only 3 weeks old.
The puppies are happy and healthy and are growing up well.
I am keeping one little boy in her memory "Tully".
"Miss Meeks" hope your not chasing cars in Doggy Heaven!!
Dont worry, I'll look after your pup.

Meeka is on the left with her mate Bonnie
I'll miss you Meek


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